Bio Sketch

Riccardo Torlone is a full professor in the area of Information Systems at UniversitÓ Roma Tre, where he is the head of the database research group. He received his Dr. Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from UniversitÓ di Roma "La Sapienza". Before joining UniversitÓ Roma Tre, he was member of the research staff at IASI-CNR in Rome. He also had a visiting research appointment at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
His research has considered various topics in the database field, including the following: relational database theory, active and deductive databases, database design, object-oriented databases, data warehouse and OLAP, Web-based information systems, data and metadata exchange, adaptive information systems, semantic data, query relaxation, graph databases, data analytics, and NoSQL systems. Currently, his interests focus on the management of big data. He has published his research results in the major journals of the field, including ACM Transactions of Database Systems, VLDB Journal, Information Systems, SIAM Journal of Computing, IEEE Transaction on Data and Knowledge Engineering, Distributed and Parallel Databases, SIGMOD Record and in the refereed proceedings of all the major conferences (ACM-SIGMOD, VLDB, EDBT, ACM-PODS, IEEE-ICDE, ICDT, ER, CIKM). He has authored the most spread book on databases in Italy, published also in an international edition and in several versions. He has also authored two other books.
He has organized many national and international scientific events (conferences and schools). He is member of the editorial board of an international journal on computer science and has served on the program committees of many international conferences. He has been responsible of several research projects funded by the European Commission and by several public and private Italian institutions. He was the chair of the PhD program in Computer Engineering and the vice-president of the School of Engineering at UniversitÓ Roma Tre. Currently, he is the chair of the undergraduate and master programs in Computer Engineering at UniversitÓ Roma Tre.